How to Wreck a Nice Beach

More Crosstalk on the Vocoder
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Something To That Effect

Bode Breaker

By Dave Tompkins at 9:47pm ET

This bonus beach was engineered, with much patience, by Monk-One, winter 2010, while I sat in a fisherman’s beer chair in his basement. The mix is meant to accompany the book. Sometimes it ditches the book altogether. Sometimes it throws the book in the trunk and drives it to the middle of nowhere and burns magic hour donuts in a Piggly Wiggly parking lot. Or crullers in the sand. Who bugged the dunes?

All tracks contain some species of vocoder unless otherwise imagined. I apologize to summer, for the darkness, and the BB&Q Band, for running out of space.

Listen here: “The Bees in Your Beargut” or “Bonus Beach”

(Hold the control key and click the red text above to open the file in iTunes.)

More Monk can be heard here.

Excessive track listing below.

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