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Something To That Effect

And so we bug

By Dave Tompkins at 2:45am ET

Thanks to Mr. Monk-One for housing the living shit out of the paperbacksgiving jam this past Saturday night in Brooklyn. When he played Dayton’s “Sound of Music,” I was put on the phone with Shawn Sandridge, Dayton’s songwriter and vocodererererer (and also the guy behind Project Future’s “Ray-Gun-Omics”).

Next week I’ll be doing vocoder talks in the Netherlands and in Germany. Scroll down for information and flyers.


  1. hey dave tompkins,
    do you have an email address? i wanted to contact you but not in public with a blog posting. hmmmm, but now i blog comment as i can’t find your email address anywhere.
    we would like to use one of your images for an article about the political dimensions of vocoders.
    could you mail me back? davidkellner_at_gmail_com ??
    and you can delete this comment if you want after reading 🙂

    Comment by david — December 8, 2011 @ 9:40am
  2. Hi Dave,

    I would also like to reach you. Please email me at the above email address. I’m writing a story for the “L.A. Weekly” that is vocoder-specific and would love to interview you.


    Comment by Brian Chidester — October 8, 2013 @ 5:32pm

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