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Something To That Effect

An Important Holiday Message From Your Friends At How To Wreck A Nice Beach

By Dave Tompkins at 2:52pm ET

(Under the Bass Plate Mistletoe)


…and the 69 Boyz.

…and TARGET.

…and this lady who appears to be unscrewing my skull (“like a light bulb”) and who signed her cards as “The Claw”

…and this Dynamix II Merry Bass tape I forgot to digitize because I was housing BBQ in Winston.

….and the sound of a sleigh hurtling through time and space, shredding the present.

…and the first 25 seconds of my favorite beat of the year.

Manny Zambrano at Citinite was kind enough to make this mix, which includes the underrated Tone Loc B-side “A Fine Line Between Hyper and Stupid.”


  1. The Soft Moon???? That was a shock…in my top 10 of 2010 too, not many bands hitting that post punk, goth, minimal wave quite as good as this….Factory floor maybe??
    thanks for “How to….” Dave…..really my best read of the year and the blog is great.
    Have a fine 2011


    Comment by A-dam — December 31, 2010 @ 5:33pm
  2. Thanks Adam.

    The Soft Moon album is great for winter driving. (11-12 hrs from NC to NY). Love “Bipolar” by Factory Floor too.

    Comment by Dave — January 3, 2011 @ 12:28pm

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