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Something To That Effect

Cold Get Keytarded

By Dave Tompkins at 4:46pm ET

Nothing like carrying Midnight Star’s Keytar to class with a hangover that could be attributed to talking some “Cold Wind Madness” with Mike Ross, the Delicious Vinyl genie, over whiskey the night before. They called it the “Moog Liberator.”

Yesterday, Vincent Calloway performed an a cappella version of “Freak-a-zoid” for Josh Kun’s class at USC. Students clapped along like happy drum machines.

I haven’t felt that BMOC since the time I gave Ice T and Afrika Islam a ride to the Holiday Inn after Body Count ripped up the Cat’s Cradle in Chapel-Hill. Though technically I never made it to campus the following day. Time off for reflection is important to the college experience.

One thing. During vocoder lectures I have to remember to stop asking students if they remember something they’ve never experienced. Re-run to Roger. But you were there.

Cue James Coughlin’s “Remember Remembering.”

I would’ve brought Egyptian Lover to class with me but he was busy playing “Planet Rock” backwards in Australia.


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