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Something To That Effect

August Practice

By Dave Tompkins at 6:03pm ET

Here’s a Jack Tatum obit I did for Hua over at The Atlantic.

You may not be able to tell, but that Dolphin is leaping through a ring of fire.

They are not doing aerobics.

But we should talk about #89, Nat Moore.

In the early 1980s, Nat and fellow Dolphin All-Pro Larry Little co-owned Superstar Rollerteque, a skate rink in North Miami near Liberty City.  Luke Campbell and vocoder enthusiast Pretty Tony Butler had their first DJ gigs at Rollerteque.

Pretty Tony played “Rock Lobster.” Luke played “Tour de France” at the wrong speed.

Superstar Rollerteque is now mini-storage, a place where folks can compartmentalize their sustained decay and unwanted Bass.

The sign at the car rental next door reads: “No Jive, You Drive!”


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