How to Wreck a Nice Beach

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Something To That Effect

Air Freakazoid Vs. Flying Cholitas

By Dave Tompkins at 11:54am ET

This is Vincent Calloway, Midnight Star’s vocoder Freakazoid, kicking air right in the face. Vincent was recently inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame at age 50.

The inscription reads: “To David: I know the book is gonna be kickin.”

Roundhouse kicks over mic stands were pretty standard during Midnight Star live shows. During soundcheck, Vincent would do the WOPR while reciting lines from War Games through the vocoder.

Freakazoid live, view it here.

This is Carmen Rosa, an airborne Cholita wrestler from Bolivia. Please come meet her at the screening of Betty Park’s amazing documentary Mamachas del Ring, which is showing this week as part of HBO’s New York International Latino Film Festival. (Carmen will also be tweeting her first trip to New York @mamachasdelring.)

The opening take-down scene is worth the price of admission alone.

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  1. What exactly really encouraged you to publish “How to Wreck a Nice Beach

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