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Something To That Effect

Bounce, Rock, Rollschuh Fahren

By Dave Tompkins at 8:47pm ET

Holger Czukay said he was tailed by the Cologne police while test-skating his vocoder perfume song. He looked wired to explode. They may have been suspicious of the Ziploc bag of electronics dangling off hip, essentially a homemade bag of Walkman guts. (Holger also once purchased a vintage IBM dictaphone from an undertaker.)

Holger claims the cops were following him because they thought he might bust his iliac, perhaps not the stallion on wheels fantasized by Big Boi.

When we were laying out the book, I asked Holger for a photo of him rollerskating. It was too small for our purposes, but here’s the proof nonetheless.

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  1. Great stuff…dude is a genius, or at the very least, frequently possessed BY genius….ace photo.

    Comment by vollsticks — July 24, 2010 @ 10:04am

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